Electro-Magnetic Theory & Demonstrations
Peek: The Electric Field (GE Review, December 1914) 1914
Shive: Similiarities of Wave Behavior1959
Jefimenko: Demonstration of the Electric Fields of Current-Carrying Conductors 1961
Ivor Catt: Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems (IEEE)  Scanned 1967
Catt, Davidson & Walton: Displacement Current - and how to get rid of it 1978
David J. Dascher's Twin-Lead Lumped LC Model highlights mutual inductance) 1996
Forrest Bishop's Animations of Theory C Concepts   free AVI player2006
Wakefield: T109 Experiment using 75 ohm coax Length = 18 meters2012
Bishop: Reforming Electromagnetic Units, Equations, and Concepts 2012
Cooley: Theory-C_coax_experiments (big differences in quality of results)2012
Catt: Wireless World - The End of the Road2013
Cooley: Capacitor Charging in Steps (demonstrated using RG-8)2015
Ricker: The Wakefield Experiments Background and Motivation2015
Yakovlev: Energy current and computing (The Royal Society Publishing)2018
Ricker: Ivor Catt and The Myth Of The Rolling Wave 2020
Cooley: Antenna Theory inspired by conversation with Catt in 20052021